Client Miss Asma
Designers ONYM Architects
. Ar. Muhammad Wasif Malik
. Ar. Zafar Abbas
Built 10400 SFT
LocationPhakwal, Islamabad, Pakistan

The clients had approached the architects with the task to design a double storey residence for the family and a madrassa for female students. The site was a plot of 3.7 kanals on the client’s ancestral lands in Phakwal, Islamabad. The challenge was to create an aesthetic that had roots in the contextual environment while still incorporating client’s demand of the elements of grandeur.

Used materials in the context. Stone of potohar, color palette of the context. Soil here is light reddish brown, the walls were plastered with this color. Patios and framed views made all around the house so that every window would have a view. Passive techniques used to ventilate and brighten up the house.