The firm was awarded the commission to renovate this office by Qrypton. Qrypton is a multidisciplinary graphics firm that envisioned an office which would also be a studio that encourages interaction and cooperation while following a minimal design theme.

We at ONYM Architects, always attempt to find specifics that direct our design process. Considering the functionality as well as the aesthetic factors, we decided to use grid based modular partitions for creating visual and physical barriers in between and divide spaces for different parts of the office. These partitions, then incorporated the different elements needed in this environment. Different types of plants were then added for their benefit of filtering the air, making the space more vibrant, their low light survivability and to break the monotony of the grid structures.

The space, partitions and the furniture was designed considering and accommodating the open space planning style of the modern offices. So in the different scenarios of shifting, expanding and scaling down, the current setup is flexible enough to be able to adapt to the changing needs and requirements in a modular fashion. Furniture such as Office tables, partitions, and cabinets are custom designed by ONYM.

A minimal theme for the colors and materials has used metal in combination with red Oak wood, lacquered to enhance the wood grains, natural texture and color. Some acrylic light boxes were then added to the partition grid providing artificial lights for plants and creating an ambient environment.

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